September 1973 KYUSHU DENSHI CO., LTD. founded
December 1973 Factory bldg. No.1 completed
February 1974 Production of optical devices (LED and photocoupler) commenced
May 1976 Factory bldg. No.2 completed
July 1983 Factory bldg. No.3 and 4 completed
April 1984 LSI design service commenced
September 1990 LSI System Center established
Production of fiber optic devices (laser and photo detector) commenced
Factory bldg. No.5 completed
November 1990 Factory bldg. No.6 completed
September 1991 Factory bldg. No.5 expanded
May 1994 ISO 9002 certification acquired (Optical semiconductor division)
June 1994 Production of optical devices (photo detector IC) commenced
March 1995 Factory bldg. No.7 completed
January 1996 MOST established in Taiwan and production of photocoupler commenced
April 2001 IC design for photocoupler and photo IC commenced
May 2001 ISO 14001 certification acquired
December 2002 ISO 9001 certification acquired (Optical semiconductor division)
April 2006 Production of photocoupler for automotive commenced
December 2006 Lead (Pb)-free retooling of the whole factory completed
January 2007 LSI System Center Karashima Branch opened
August 2008 ISO 9001 certification acquired (LSI System Center)
September 2008 Production lines expanded at factory bldg. No.7
October 2009 Production of halogen-free photocouplers commenced
February 2012 Foundry service commenced
July 2015 LSI System Center Hanabata Branch opened
August 2018 LSI System Center Suidocho Branch opened